If you are dropping the sample off, please bring these minimum amounts to test:
1. Flower = 2 grams
2. Extract/Oil = 1 grams
3. Product = 2 units or at least 2 grams

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Pinnacle Analytics is accredited by ORELAP under OAR 333-064, which means the scientific accuracy of our results is guaranteed by the same national standard as drinking water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I bring samples, or do you collect?

We can do either! For R&D testing, you can drop of samples at our location or call us to schedule a fast, simple pickup.

How much sample do you need?

For flower we recommend at least 5 grams, and more if it is uncured to account for the loss in moisture after drying. For edibles, tinctures, and concentrates we require 2 grams or one unit.

How will I receive results?

Skip the headache of logging into third party accounts! We email or text results directly to you.

What is the turnaround time?

This depends, but you can check the Schedule a Test page to see what your estimated time will be. You will get results in 3 days - or less! We make every effort to be as fast as possible, and there is no rush fee!

Do your tests satisfy state and federal requirements?

Right now, Pinnacle Analytics is a research and development lab. We serve as a preemptive service to state and federal compliance testing. You can test your hemp and cannabis products with us before taking them for final compliance testing at an OLCC licensed lab. While our testing satisfies ORELAP scientific standards, the results are for R&D purposes only. Rest assured, we keep all test results and personal information confidential. Results are not sent to the state and do not put your product at risk for seizure and/or destruction. Short answer: the tests state scientific standards but not the legal standards.

What if a re-test is requested by a client or required by an authority?

We are required by Oregon state law and our ORELAP accreditation to keep a backup sample of the material tested for at least 72 hours should any legal issue arise that requires re-testing. However, we also advise keeping a control sample at your own facility of each batch tested as a "best business practice". This will ensure you can always back the quality of your product with multiple forms of proof, even if it requires more testing. We are happy to help you access past results or re-test a new sample from the batch to compare data.

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